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We are not a Super PAC. We are a federally registered (FEC) multi-candidate PAC that raises money for both our PAC and a nominee fund established by ActBlue.


We take no corporate contributions, including NO corporate PAC contributions.

When we raise money, donors will always have the option to split their contributions. In splitting their contribution, two things occur:

  • A percentage goes into a 2020 Democratic Nominee Fund established by ActBlue. Then, 100% of that portion of the split minus credit card processing fees that are charged by ActBlue will go to the eventual nominee.

  • A percentage goes to the Dump Trump Fund PAC – a multi-candidate federal PAC registered to the FEC. Those funds are used to pay for the infrastructure to raise more money, grow the number of people donating to the eventual nominee, and support all Democratic candidates based on the framework below.

  • Donors have the ability to not split contributions and give 100 percent to either the 2020 Democratic Nominee Fund or the Dump Trump Fund PAC. 


You can find our FEC registration HERE.


You can find our FEC report HERE. If hyperlink is not active, no report has been filed yet.

Proceeds of the Dump Trump Fund PAC will go: 


Our goal is to limit the amount raised into the Dump Trump Fund PAC to only pay for operational costs to continue to boost the total contributions for the eventual nominee.


If there are excessive proceeds prior to the following elections we will make the following contributions:

  • $2,500 to all candidates within ten days of January 1, 2020 who have qualified for the Democratic National Committee debates and are competing for votes in Iowa.

  • $2,500 to all candidates who received more than 10% of the vote in the South Carolina primary.